Dolly Parton with children and books; the Imagination 图书馆 has given more than 185 million books to children, and the Swansea research is the largest survey of its effectiveness ever carried out. 资料来源:英国多莱坞基金会

Dolly Parton with children and books; the Imagination 图书馆 has given more than 185 million books to children, and the Swansea research is the largest survey of its effectiveness ever carried out.  图片来源:英国多莱坞基金会

Children receiving books from the Imagination 图书馆, 由偶像人物多莉·帕顿设立, read more frequently and perform better at reading and development assessments than their peers, new Swansea University research has revealed.

多莉·帕顿的想象图书馆 is a book gifting programme devoted to inspiring a love of reading. 每个月, enrolled children from birth to age five receive a high quality, 适合年龄的书在邮寄, 免费.

到目前为止, the 图书馆 has given over 185 million books to children in five countries, 包括英国. The books include traditional stories and rhymes, 深受喜爱的作家和插画家的书籍, 非小说内容, 以及新出版的书籍.

斯旺西的研究, funded jointly by The Dollywood Foundation UK and Swansea University, was aimed at understanding what impact the scheme was having.

具体地说, the research looked at its effect on 父母’ practices and beliefs about shared reading, and the impact of shared reading on the children. It was the largest academic inquiry into the efficacy of the Imagination 图书馆 ever carried out anywhere in the world.

Caroline zwierzchowska博士 department of education and childhood studies at Swansea University carried out the research for her PhD, under the direction of Professor Janet Goodall.

She undertook the largest survey of 父母’ views on reading with 0-5 year-olds ever conducted in the UK. 她利用了这个结果, 还有学校成就数据, interviews and a local parent survey from an area – North Lincolnshire - where the Imagination 图书馆 (IL) has been implemented successfully for over five years.


  • Parents receiving IL books were 30% more likely to read daily with their child than 父母 outside the programme
  • Children in the IL for more than a year had a 40% increased chance of achieving the “Good Level of Development” standard, and a 54% increased chance of achieving the Early Learning Goal for reading, compared to children with similar characteristics who were not in the IL programme
  • 结果增加了5.7%和6.7% respectively in the number of children reaching these levels of attainment in north Lincolnshire
  • 88% of families surveyed felt that they read more due to being in the IL programme
  • 82% of respondents felt they had more books than they would have otherwise bought; this was true for all 父母, but 父母 with fewer resources felt the difference most
  • Parents valued the increased access to books, the diversity of authors and the support it gave them to read frequently with their child
  • Bonding with their child was the key benefit of book sharing identified by 父母


“My son runs to check the post and when a book arrives he asks ‘Is this for me from Dolly Parton?”

Dr Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod of Swansea University, who carried out the research, said:

“The research showed that the scheme was delivering different types of benefits, 对孩子和父母都一样.

Children receiving Imagination 图书馆 books had a significantly higher chance of achieving important academic milestones than their peers. They were also more likely to be reading more frequently with their 父母. 这加强了亲子关系, which 父母 identified as a major benefit, helping them to learn more about their child.

The curated book selection also introduced new authors into the home, 哪一个是家长最看重的.”

Marion Gillooly, Executive Director of The Dollywood Foundation UK, said:

bet9九州体育对这项研究感到非常兴奋. We receive regular feedback from families that children love having a book delivered to them every month, and that there is great excitement around the arrival of each book.

It's fantastic that we now have this robust evidence from the UK to demonstrate that families involved in the Imagination 图书馆 do read more often with their children, 更有可能每天阅读, and that their children are more likely to achieve key learning milestones. Perhaps even more significant is the evidence from 父母 and carers that bonding with their child was a key benefit of the Imagination 图书馆.

Dolly Parton often says that you can never get enough books into the hands of enough children, 我完全同意.”

Dr Zwierzchowska-Dod is currently creating an animation to share the benefits of investment in the IL programme alongside materials for children, 父母, 教育工作者和其他学者.